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****CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE WWW.DERBALIFE.COM*****Derbalife supports the athletic roller derby lifestyle. Our coaches are skaters themselves who are knowledgable users of our products and participants in our programs which we believe provides our clients with enhanced real life support and the ability to identify the individual needs of each skater.

Derbalife is a revolution among skaters across the country who are looking for a simple way to step up their game and improve their skating performance. Nutrition is a vital part of athletic performance. Roller Derby has grown from a hobby into a competitive sport and as a result, skaters are stepping up to a new level of competition. Skaters need to fuel their bodies like the ass kicking machines that they are. Reduce the risk of injury, build lean muscle, lose fat, have more energy, boost endurance, and a whole lot more.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Thats right we will be there to support all your nutritional needs for skaters on game day and anyone who is partying hard! Come stop by and say whats up to Derbalife Coach Krissy Krash at the Derbalife/Wicked Skatewear Booth!  Powerpacks and Hangover Kits will be available in limited quantities! Get a FREE nutrition profile on the spot, or schedule a FREE consultation for when you get back home.

Not at the event? Email Derbalife@Gmail.com with "ECDX" in the subject line to get all the same benefits and hooks ups that we offer at the booth!

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