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****CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE WWW.DERBALIFE.COM*****Derbalife supports the athletic roller derby lifestyle. Our coaches are skaters themselves who are knowledgable users of our products and participants in our programs which we believe provides our clients with enhanced real life support and the ability to identify the individual needs of each skater.

Derbalife is a revolution among skaters across the country who are looking for a simple way to step up their game and improve their skating performance. Nutrition is a vital part of athletic performance. Roller Derby has grown from a hobby into a competitive sport and as a result, skaters are stepping up to a new level of competition. Skaters need to fuel their bodies like the ass kicking machines that they are. Reduce the risk of injury, build lean muscle, lose fat, have more energy, boost endurance, and a whole lot more.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From Fresh Meat To All Star We Want to Support You and Your League!

Whether you've been athlete all  your life or this is your first crack at sports, you are now an athlete. This transition is often times one of the hardest for people to make when they enter the roller derby world. Recognizing that for your body to perform at its best, for you to minimize injury, recover faster, and all around become a Lean Mean Derby Machine, you're going to have to fuel like an athlete.

This is why Derbalife was created. We offer a support system of coaches and a community of skaters who are all focused on improving their game one day at a time. And, through customized nutrition program deigned by some of the best doctors, PhDs, and nutritionists around the globe, we are able to provide the structure for you to play at your best. Each program is specifically designed for your goals both on and off the track. Need to build muscle? Ready to lose some weight? Struggling with low energy? Looking for a positive group to connect with as you tackle cross training? Digestive issues? Diabetes? Ready to kick up your endurance?

What ever your goal, we've got your back.

Is your whole league ready to step it up a notch? 

Why not take on the challenge together? We offer group programs that will not only build camaraderie and team work with in your league but get everyone on the same page for a healthy, athletic lifestyle that breeds champions.

Take yourself, your team, your league to the next level with Derbalife.

For more information or a Free nutrition profile and goal setting session contact us at Derbalife@gmail.com

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